October 30 of Arise with Christ

His Promised Land

Enter into His courts with thanksgiving and walk through your life with His praise on your lips.
Sing of His Glory and rejoice in the Salvation that He has brought.
Count, daily, your many blessings and express your gratitude unto Him.
You only need to open your eyes and be of a humble heart to see the abundant amount of favor that He has bestowed upon your life.
He has come that you may have life and that abundantly.
Yet in all this abundance of things and blessings that He bestowed upon you, this is only the earnest, the foretaste, of the wonderful blessings that are in store for you in Heaven.
Learn to be grateful and content with being chosen by Him to be part of His Everlasting Kingdom.
Oh come and go with me; for I am bound for the promised land, His Promised Land where we will see Him as He is.
©10/30/2001 Jim Welch
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