October 17 of Arise with Christ

The light of hope

It is by seeing a vision of the beautiful and glorious City of God from afar, that hope will spring up in the hearts of the children of God, causing them to persevere in their journey toward its distant shining light.
All who are of the Light are drawn by the City of God's glorious light of hope.
Motivated by its light of hope they press on through the thick and the thin in their struggle to reach the gates of the glorious city filled with God's light.
They turn not to the left or to the right; nor do they yield to temptations of the evil one to dissuade them; but they keep pressing on toward the light of God's glorious city of hope.
For all who are the children of the Light are drawn to the light because the Light of God is able to fulfill the spiritual hunger of their hearts.
All who love the light will come to the Light.
Jesus said, "I am the Light of the World".
©10/17/2001 Jim Welch
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