October 16 of Arise with Christ

The water of truth

The well of the water of God's living truth is deep, very deep.
The deeper the well is from which you ladle water, the colder the water will be and the better it will quenche your thirst.
Water that is ladled from a pool of shallow water will nearly always be lukewarm and will be neither refreshing nor satisfying to the taste.
The water that comes from the deep well of living water will restore a spiritual life filled with vigor and zeal to all that drink of it.
The water that is dipped from the lukewarm shallow pools of human knowledge will do little to quench our spiritual thirst.
Come! Drink freely of the cold, crystal clear and pure water that flows from the deep well of God's living truth and your soul and your spirit will be satisfied.
Jesus said, "All who drink of the water that I will give them shall never thirst and shall live forever."
©10/16/2001 Jim Welch
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