October 11 of Arise with Christ

Seek to exalt God

Let all things be done for the glory of God, not for your own personal glory.
Seek not to exalt yourself in the sight of men, but instead seek to exalt God.
Do not seek to be rich in earthly possessions nor envy those who do have riches, but instead seek to be rich in the heavenly virtues that you may be a shining light of hope and a beacon of God's love to the poor.
Seek to be an example of faith to others, that your life would be an encouragement to the poor in Christ who suffer daily for the stedfastness of their faith in Jesus Christ.
To be a messenger of hope to the poor in Christ brings honor and glory to God.
Jesus said, "If you love me feed my sheep."
Again He said, "what you have done unto the least of these my children you have done it unto Me."
Seek to abound in the virtue of love.
©10/11/2001 Jim Welch
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