October 10 of Arise with Christ

Cause my life to abound

Wash me and I will become:
    whiter than snow,
    purified and holy,
    a light in the darkness,
    a messenger of hope in the time of despair.
Place before me:
    a straight pathway,
    a highway to heaven,
    a road filled with abounding love with faces aglow,
    a trail surrounded by the beauty of Your Holiness,
    an avenue abounding with springs of living truth filled with peace.

Cause my life to abound:
    with the fruits of your Spirit;
    with love filling my heart to overflowing;
    with joy bubbling like a fountain surrounded by birds singing in the trees;
    with peace like a starlit night filled with the sound of crickets resounding.
Let my ears hear the sound of Your Beautiful Voice,
  my eyes see the Beauty of Your Face,
  and my hand feel the Loving touch of Your Hand,
  Oh Precious Heavenly Father.
©10/10/2001 Jim Welch
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