September 25 of Arise with Christ

Seek no glory for yourself

Let all things be done for the glory of the Lord and let nothing be done for vain glory.
Seek to glorify the Lord in all you do and seek no glory for yourself.
Seek not to receive the honor that comes from men but seek the honor that comes from God.
The honor that men bestow is a fleeting thing; here today and gone tomorrow.
The honor that God bestows is everlasting and never flees away.
The very men who heap praises on you today may become your harshest critics tomorrow.
Doing things to be seen of men or to receive praises of men is the epitome of vanity.
Nothing is so fleeting as to live a life for the sake of vanity.
Labor to do a good work whether you receive honor from men or not for it.
©09/25/2001 Jim Welch
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