October 26 of Arise with Christ

Comfort ye all My children

Comfort ye, comfort ye all My children.
Bring a message of hope to deliver them from despair.
For they are not of this world but sojourners in a foreign land, rejected and despised, strangers and outcasts.
They are like orphans without a home finding no welcome mat anywhere, nomads and wanderers all the days of their lives.
Son, you have My Holy Spirit to comfort you daily, they have none to comfort them and they have become discouraged and live their lives in despair.
Comfort ye, comfort ye all my children.
Bring My words of hope to them, declare the words that I give you to the whole world, that my children may know that I have gone away to prepare a place for them and will come again to take them away to the Kingdom of Heaven.
©10/26/2001 Jim Welch
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