October 24 of Arise with Christ

God's honor is forever

An evil man may win many victories but will ultimately suffer the worst of all defeats; the eternal damnation of his soul.
A righteous man may suffer many set backs and defeats, yet ultimately will win the greatest of all victories; the eternal and everlasting citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.
When an evil man dies, what good does his ill gotten fame and fortune do him then? He will lose everything forever.
A righteous man lays up for himself treasure in Heaven and willingly forsakes all earthly gain.
So when a righteous man dies he loses nothing but instead inherits his everlasting heavenly reward.
An evil man receives the praise of men all the days of his short life but when he dies he will lose it all.
A righteous man is praised by God before the Angels of Heaven, receiving little if any honor from men while he yet lives on this earth.
Brethren, the honor that comes from God is forever.
©10/24/2001 Jim Welch
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