October 13 of Arise with Christ

He has made straight the crooked pathways

Arise! Put on strength, Oh arm of the Lord!
Stand up for Jesus! Lift up his standard and declare his words for all the inhabitants of the earth to hear.
Proclaim the good news of his Salvation and shout the victory; for Jesus Christ our Savior and our Redeemer is Lord.
By God's words sealed by the blood of the Lamb of God we are made pure and holy, reconciled to God, our Father, Who dwells in the Heavens.
He has made straight the crooked pathways of our lives and stamped upon us the seal of his salvation.
He made us joint heirs with himself of his Everlasting Kingdom and made us to be partakers of Heaven's holy virtues without measure; overflowing and abundant.
Rejoice all ye children of the Lord and again I say rejoice.
Jesus Christ is Lord!
10/13/2001 Jim Welch
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