October 07 of Arise with Christ

Conform to God

Listen to the Voice of the Lord when He speaks.
Pay heed to His council and always be ready to change your own ways to conform to His.
Be not stiff necked, stubborn and resistant to Holy Council because the ways of the flesh leads to spiritual destruction.
Seek the council of God and be ready to obey it.
Do not seek wisdom just for the sake of wisdom but rather seek wisdom that you may be able to walk the pathways that are pleasing in the Eyes of Our Lord.
Seek to please God in all that you do and do that which pleases God.
Take the time to be holy and seek to be holy all the time.
Walk with God and do His will and in all you do be willing to walk with God.
Let God be your personal Guide and Counselor in all of your life's decisions and seek for His answers for all your problems. 10/07/2001 Jim Welch
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