October 04 of Arise with Christ

Give onto me strength

Give onto me strength, Oh Lord, that I may withstand the wiles of the devil and overcome the corruption of the world.
Help me, Oh Lord, through the times of difficulty by the Power of Your Right Hand, that I may stand, while all around me others are falling.
Bestow upon me faith to move mountains and the wisdom to know when to move them.
Cause me, Oh Lord, to become a bright beacon of light keeping the ships of men's lives from becoming ship wrecked on the rocky shoals and hidden reefs of the sea of life.
Let me, Oh Lord, become a light in darkness that prevents others from stumbling on the dim lit pathways of life.
Come Lord Jesus, be my guide and walk with me day and night. Amen.
©10/04/2001 Jim Welch
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