November 15 of Arise with Christ

Let God be first

Let God permeate every aspect of your life.
Surrender all your being to Him holding back nothing.
Be not double minded, by trying to live with one foot in Heaven and the other foot serving evil.
Let God be first in all things and dedicate your whole life to the service of His Kingdom.
Offer up yourself as a living sacrifice before His throne, for this is your reasonable service to Him.
The more you give of yourself to Him the more spiritual treasures you shall receive.
Seek to live a holy and pure life in all that you do and repent from any vice or sin that you are allowing to be in your life.
Put away all evil doing and dedicate your life to doing good.
Let God transform you into a bright beacon of light that brings hope to the lives of many of His children.
© 11/15/2001 Jim Welch
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