August 24 of Arise with Christ

God alone can save you

There is a way that seemeth right, but it leads to destruction.
There is a way that leads to life and that everlasting.
That which comes from God will put you on the pathway that leads to Life.
That which comes from man no matter how well expressed and how beautiful it might appear on paper might just as well be piled up into a big pile, dowsed in gasoline and set on fire as far as its ability to save you is concerned.
Only God has the power to raise us up from the dead and only He can give us everlasting and eternal life.
Neither man, nor system, nor doctrine, nor religion, nor anything men can invent or conjure up can give you life eternal.
Only God, and God alone can save you from destruction.
Seek for God with all your heart and soul and He will save you.
© 08/24/2001 Jim Welch
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