August 10 of Arise with Christ

A message of hope

A message of hope is like a breath of fresh air in a time when the world's spiritual atmosphere is polluted with the spiritual poisons of melancholy and depression.
The evil one has an agenda of discouragement; he seeks to discourage all who have the love of God; taking away the wind of zeal from their sails.
Hope and optimism restores zeal to those who live a life where the air is polluted with the smog of self pity and self centeredness.
The wind of zeal, the Holy Wind, brings hope and zeal into our wretched lives.
The name Holy Spirit literally means, The Holy Breath or Wind.
Jesus said, "The wind blows where it will, and you hear its sound but do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Holy Spirit."
© 08/10/2001 Jim Welch
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